If I could write books this one would be about you, called “How I Spent My Summer Lost Without You”

I do pop ‘cause that’s what my heart goes, I don’t call it art, no sir.
…while I paint your shores with snow ->
-> I’ve been taking comfort in songs I’ve heard…
One minute we’re sub-zero and in the same breath piping hot
we’re in deep
I’ve seen into your future, I saw the ending
and we’re breathing the same cold air
Cause I’m tired of all the folks and their shady practices
We used to marvel at the way the snowflakes looked
Under the setting sun until we (were) getting numb
Hey did you ever know that songs are just some thick little words
And that I still get chills when I hear Paul sing “Golden Slumbers”
Cause it reminds me of our house and how it used to snow there
And lets me know that I can still skip town and end up nowhere.