One shot

Avete mai provato a descrivere il vostro artista preferito con una frase unica, possibilmente citando parole sue?

The Ramones: "1, 2, 3, 4"
The La's - "We are happy to report that Mr. Mavers will be making a new album when he finds musical equipment with enough original '60s dust on it and microphones which capture the exact sounds inside his head."
Beck: "The world is a lonely abandoned garage sale."
Brian Wilson - "Hello, I'm...?"
Primus: "Bass solo!"
Philip Glass: "on and on and on (and on and on and on)"
Abba: "what Philip Glass said! (sorry, changed our minds!)"
Kool Keith: "Spanktacular yellow paisley orangutan pelvis girations."
Meatloaf: "Are you gonna finish that?"
Kraftwerk 'humans are rubbish except when they invent stuff'
Boards Of Canada 'remember that place you never went to? remember that feeling you never felt? we do'
Chili Peppers: "Hey young impressionable ladies, here's my genitals!"
Eminem 'i hate my mom but society needs guys like me to cause a stir by pointing out ironies'
Lou Reed - "Nah nah, I read books without pictures in 'em"
John Cale - "Nah nah, I can read music notation. Beat that!"
Jackson Browne - "Fuck you James Taylor. I've had Daryl Hannah AND Nico!"
Low: "Would you mind keeping it down? Thanks."
Miles Davis: *while wearing shades in the dark, turns back on audience, says nothing*
Johnny Cash: *gives middle finger*
Julio Iglesias: "Hello? Hey, pretty laydee... no, no Enrique's not home right now. I'll tell him you called. OK, bye."
Serge Gainsbourg: "Man, je veux å fuck elle tres mal."
Bjork: "It is *all* like *myoosic*!"
John Cage:
Vanilla Ice: "somebody had to do it, damnit"
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - "the world is eeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnding....."
Joy Division - Please, don't switch on the light.
My Bloody Valentine - The art of stopping.